Why did Juice Wrld have a seizure?

Why did Juice Wrld have a seizure?

Juice Wrld, the world popular hip hop rapper, who had a unique sense of blending different genres and creating inspiring and amazing music died very young, only at the age of 21. He had a broken family and was addicted to different drugs from a very young age. His career made him earn cash in bulk which eventually fuelled his addiction. This addiction and overdose of drugs led him to his death.

Juice Wrld’s real name was Jared Anthony Higgins. He was fond of music from a young age and learned to play the piano at the age of four. During his high school years, he used to record songs and upload them on sound cloud. “All Girls Are the Same” was the stepping stone in his career in 2017 and then in 2018 “Lucid Dreams” was the boom start in his career and he managed to achieve a $3 million contract with Interscope records. After this, he just climbed up in his career with numerous song and albums release, collaborations, shows, and much more.

Inspiring and heartfelt music:

Juice Wrld was famous and popular amongst the youngsters and teens because his songs were not meaningless but always discussed the issues faced by the youth in general. He discussed drugs and its addiction in several of his songs. He even titled one of his song “Lean With Me” with reference to Lean addiction.

His songs were simple and honest. He also addressed mental health issues that were heart touching and related to many. He worked really hard to write meaningful songs and create amazing music. His hard work paid off and made him gain incomparable success.

How did Juice Wrld die?

Juice Wrld died young in December 2019 in Chicago. He was on a flight back from Los Angeles and on landing he experienced seizures. He was given an emergency opioid antidote at the airport and immediately transferred to a local hospital where he died few hours later. It is reported that Juice Wrld suffered from drug-induced seizures when the police were carrying out a search of his private jet.

The police were able to find drugs and weapons both on his plane. The Cook County medical examiner report stated that he had accidentally overdosed on oxycodone and codeine which resulted in his death. The reports showed a high level of codeine and oxycodone toxicity. The overdose of this drug resulted in seizures which ultimately led to his death.

Reaction on Juice Wrld’s death:

The sudden death of the famous rapper drowned everyone fan and person into deep sadness. It was shocking news for everyone as he was very young and the death was just unexpected. His mother was also remorseful on her son’s demise. She always feared his son’s death due to overdosage of drugs. And for this reason, she had decided that she will not hide the reason behind his son’s death so that many more drug addicts can learn a lesson. She also wanted to create awareness regarding mental health issues and has also set up a fund for helping patients seeking mental help.

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