How much is Juice Wrld net worth – before and after his death?

juice wrld net worth

Jared Anthony Higgins, popularly known as Juice Wrld was one of the most promising and celebrated hip hop rapper of the “sound cloud generation”. He started off his career by dropping songs on sound cloud. He started to gain popularity in 2017 with the release of his single “All Girls Are the Same” and then in 2018, “Lucid Dreams” made him kickstart his career as an eminent rapper.

After the great success of this song, he managed to achieve a $3 million contract with Interscope Records and much more. At a very young age he was able to make loads and loads of money which not only made him indulge in rich luxuries but also drugs (to which he was already addicted). Sadly, the rapper could not live long to gain more wealth and fame and died young at the age of 21 in December 2019.

How much was Juice Wrld worth at the time of his death?

Juice Wrld 999, as a rapper not only gained love, distinction, respect among the fans but also earned a huge living to make his way among some of the richest music artists in the country. At the time of his death, at an age of only 21, he had a net worth of $3 million.

It is reported that at the time of his death he owned a huge estate worth $3.3 Million and watches, jewelry and accessories valued around $500, 000. Apart from the huge estate, he was also the owner of a $1,490,000 condominium in Miami. His career also helped him to open several bank accounts, all filled with cash.

After his death, his mother has filed to gain ownership of all his wealth, estate and property. Juice Wrld’s property and money is undisputed because his father also died 6 months before his death, and he had no wife and children.
It is very likely that Juice Wrld owns much more of its wealth and assets than claimed so it is highly possible that he was worth more than $3 million.

Net worth of Juice Wrld after his death.

Net worth of Juice Wrld continues to rise even after his death. His great work and music will continue to build up his fortune. Most likely his tracks are to become of even more value after his death. His net worth as of 2020 is said to reach $4.5 million.
Within a year of his death, his merchandise, royalty streams, and various setups helped to increase his earnings by $15 million which is again ranked amongst the highest amount earned by artists after death.

Why did he gain such popularity?

Fame requires hard work and passion; Wrld was both passionate for music and worked hard to create some amazing songs. He did not stop at his first laurel or even slowed down to enjoy the success of his debut album; within a year he released another album “Death Race For Love” which had 20 tracks. This album gained even more popularity and of course wealth. He continued to feature singles, and work in collaborations with several companies and artists.

His music was unique. He was famous for his unique genre-blending, which was inspired by several artists like Billy Idol, Fall Out Boy, Nickie Minaj, etc. He not only created amazing music but also had amazing song writing skills which touched millions of hearts.


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