What does 999 means for Juice Wrld

juice wrld 999 meaning

Juice was an impeccable artist; in the short span of 2 years, he got his mystique and went viral all over the world with his music. Juice was one of the strongest talents we’ve seen in the hip-hop/rap industry in an incredibly long time, making it much more disturbing to learn we’ve been robbed of such a magnificent talent. His legacy will live on in his music forever, but it is cruel that so early he would have been separated from his fans, friends, and colleagues. Luckily, Juice Wrld left us with a lot of music we learn and enjoy, so even more that we still have to experience so appreciate.

Juice Wrld 999 Tattoo

The rapper was famous for having a 999 tattoo on his hand. He also had on his merchandise wearing at many concerts and public places. The fans were bewildered and perplexed as it was not defined by the artist initially.
Along with 999 tattoos he got many tattoos on his bodies, each tattoo is delivering a unique message. At such a young age he faced too many struggles, his pain is delivered through his music and work. His appearance and outfits to convey a special vibe that can be sensed by his true fans.

Juice first EP

Juice first EP album was 999, through which the artist got Hip-pop breakthrough. The work was uploaded on SoundCloud and he got a massive positive response from there. He instantly got millions of plays on his track ‘Lucid Dreams’ reaching 2.5 million at the end. The Interscope record signed him after that for a deal of $3 million. The record label hunters agreed that they noticed the artist’s work of 999 and his effective melancholic voice attracted them. This was a very crucial point as after his deal, Juice managed to deliver two hit albums ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ and ‘Death Race for Love’. Both albums topped the country charts and were received well by the audience.

The hidden meaning behind

The singer narrowed down the enigmatic trends of his music and social media accounts in a 2018 interview with Sway on MTV’s TRL. Sway told him about the meaning of the number “999,” tattooed on his arm by Juice WRLD and frequently cited in his songs, social media accounts, and merchandise.
The singer clarified that the figure was an inversion of 666, also known as the beast’s symbol, a religious word that means Satan. “999 reflects bringing whatever the sick, whatever the poor, whatever the challenge you are going through and transforming it into something constructive to drive yourself forward,” said Juice WRLD.

Unreleased Work

He is still remembered among his fans and Hip-pop world still in shock to the death of the young late rapper. The hip-pop is honored to have recorded Juice freestyles and many unreleased songs which will come out in the future. The songs were recorded in his lifetime but were unreleased. So, it is expected that we may listen to some of his work in the future.
Many great artists like Eminem, YNW Melly released songs that were recorded in Juice’s lifetime, after his death, appreciating and acknowledging his work and passion. Drake, Billie Eillish, Future, Travis Scott and many artists sent a homage on their social platforms to the late rapper

Juice Merchandise

To cherish the vibes and enliven the moments we have Juice Wrld merch. It is available worldwide after his tragic death. Juice is famous among youngsters and teens as he rapped about his struggles and drug abuse. The rapper was successfully able to connect with the audience with his deep sorrowful voice. Juice music is still available, and many considered him as inspirational. The posthumous release of his music went viral and topped billboard charts, which shows how much his fans still loved him.
You can buy his 999 merchandise from the store as his message was clear and effective, you share the vibes of him and spread the same message what he wanted to deliver by wearing his merchandise. The 999 merchandise is the official merchandise and it includes t shirts, hoodies, Jackets, posters and much more. We used top quality material and made sure that you got the best quality, with the iconic image of Juice and affordable pricing.

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