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Jared Higgins, better known as Juice Wrld, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1998. His parents divorced at the age of only 3. He and his older brother had mainly been raised by their mother. Higgins lived his early infancy in the Calumet Park area. His religious mother forbade him to listen to Hip-Pop Music.

Meteoric Rise

Juice started his career with name Juice the kid on SoundCloud, before his popularity. He started uploading his work and he didn’t go unnoticed by listeners. He uploaded his first debut EP 999 back in 2017, his single Lucid Dreams went big hit among SoundCloud listeners and instantly gained over a million plays.

In early March 2018, Interscope officially reached a $3 million contract to record its debut album. He’d only had one major success on Soundcloud at that point, despite having posted a complete EP and other music many years before the record contract. His 2017 song “Lucid Dreams” at the time of his signing had 2.5 million plays on the website and it would become the single that characterized his career, a melodic, downbeat ode to a separation that sounds tragic. Combined with that of his follow-up track, “All Girls Are the Same” from his first album in 2018, the popularity of “Lucid Dreams” has helped to catapult Juice Wrld to the heights of what is now an in-demand genre.

Just like his first album “Goodbye and Good Riddance”, his second album “Death Race for Love” was a huge success too. The album was vast and intense, with 22 songs clocking in and over an hour of music. It debuted as the country’s number one record and is bringing the 20-year-old rapper his young career’s first chart-topping LP. You’d imagine it would be a laborious and measured endeavor to follow up on his breakthrough performance, but according to him it just took 4 days to process. With expectations high after the first album, Juice stuck to his ground and believed his skills and creativity. According to Juice interview for a magazine, he told that he freestyles everything making sure his thoughts are sporadic and spontaneous. He let the music take over him and let his thoughts come out in front of the microphone.

Concerts and Tours

Juice had only one tour in his lifetime to Europe with female rapper Nicki Minaj in early 2019. The rapper had many successful concerts.
Juice also appeared on Coachella weekend 2 doing freestyles and singings the hearts of his fans.

The last gig of Juice WRLD was on November 30 when he played at the Spilt Milk Festival in Ballarat, Australia, following a series of dates in both Australia and New Zealand. Footage from his farewell show, including an hour-long video of his appearance at Melbourne’s Festival Hall on November 29 where he addressed fans “Y’all can do whatever you want to do”

Cause of Death

Rapper and musician Juice WRLD experienced an unexplained medical emergency shortly after arriving at Chicago’s Midway International Airport on December 8 2019, six days after his 21st birthday and was subsequently confirmed dead at a local hospital, the artist suffered a seizure at the Midway International Airport. He was quickly transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead hours later.

The Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the cause and manner of death of Juice Wrld, aged 21. Higgins aka Juice Wrld suffered from oxycodone and codeine poisoning, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported. Juice’s death was later determined by the Examiner’s Office to be accidental.

His official cause of death was not immediately known, as further toxicology, heart pathology, and neuropathology testing were needed on Monday after his death after an initial autopsy. His “medical emergency” was initially identified as a heart attack and a seizure. Juice WRLD has gone through convulsions while federal authorities checked the luxury plane on which he landed, according to the Chicago police.

The police were there to check his private jet as it was suspected to have banned drugs and weapons. Juice WRLD has been vocal regarding his opioid abuse problems. He posted in July that he should cease to misuse codeine for the sake of his girlfriend. His confirmed cause of death was attributed to overdose of oxycodone and codeine.


Juice Wrld family and friends had a private open-casket funeral at Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Harvey, Illinois, near his Chicago hometown, to say their final goodbyes.

Her mother paid an emotional tribute to her son “We were still overjoyed to see each other and when you saw me, you always named me ‘mommy,’ when you embraced me and kissed me,” she added. “Your affection was innocent and sweet, and your heart was sincere. You always thought for others, and you tried to make the planet a better place. “She said,” I will miss you dearly. “My little boy, rest in peace; mum loves you.”

Along with his mother, his siblings, grandmother and his friends Ski Mask, DJ Scheme and Slump God attended the funeral.
Hours after the relatives and closest friends of Juice WRLD met in south suburban Harvey for a funeral for the late singer, thousands of fans organized a vigil for the young late artist in Millennium Park Friday night. Some carried signs, while others carried Bluetooth speakers blaring his music, with dozens more singing along. Everyone seemed to sense a great loss and defined a gift that had died too soon.

Juice Wrld Legacy

Juice not only left deep marks on the history of Hip-pop but he also imprinted his prints on the hearts of people. He was able to connect directly with the hearts of his fans. His music and vibes discuss routine problems and the most discussed topic among youngsters of Depression and Anxiety.

His songs about stress, pain, and drugs are about his personal struggles which connect with the problems of his fans and younger teen audience. He doesn’t only connect with them, but other listeners also got doped with his melancholic voice and groovy rhythms and flows. He was an inspiration to all and is still alive among his fans. For his fans we’re offering all the Juice Wrld Merch of his songs and albums.

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